We’re Moving…Change is good

We’re Moving…Change is good

“Every year you’ll want to do something different from the previous, and you’ll never figure it all out.”

These were the profound and slightly discouraging words that Mary Ann Rutt offered me during our first planning meeting in January of 2015. Having just accepted the rather daunting job of running Plum Creek Farm, I mistakenly thought that, perhaps, there would be some more “encouraging” words of wisdom forthcoming from my vegetable-growing mentor; something along the lines of “We’re in this together, and you’ll do fine” would have felt very comforting.

The biggest news! We recently purchased the old Centerton Nursery just north of our current location. Find us at 5035 Bernville Road, Bernville, after June 20.

I was facing countless decisions (what varieties of seeds to order, what equipment to buy) and going to endless seminars to learn more about providing safe, sustainable food for the Greater Berks County area.

Even the tired old chestnut “What’s the worst that could happen?” would have felt downright warm and fuzzy compared to what basically boiled down to: “Congratulations, you will spend every day for the foreseeable future wearing a somewhat confused look as you second-guess every decision.”

However, it didn’t take long to realize that Mary Ann wasn’t taking a shot at my limited intellect but, instead, was just stating the simple fact that there will be unforeseen changes every year that necessitate a tweaking of the vision that we originally laid out for the farm.

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Eggy, the one less-than-beautiful eggplant.

Whether that comes in the form of planting way too many eggplants in 2015 (in my defense, they were stunningly beautiful eggplant) or if it’s something bigger, like opening a new permanent location for the market this year.

Oh, lest I forget the biggest news! We recently purchased the old Centerton Nursery just north of our current location at Bern Grove on Route 183. Find us at 5035 Bernville Road, Bernville.

We’re working hard to have everything ready so that we can be at our new location on June 20th. We’ll be just up the street from our old location at the Grove. While this property has endless possibilities and we seem to have no shortage of great ideas, the plan to get the farm market started is mainly an extensive cleanup, a little fresh paint, and perhaps a new roof.

You can expect the same items you’ve already seen at the farm market stand in the Grove, but there will be a quite a few additional items that we will be carrying.

Speaking of the Grove, to everyone at Bern Church who so warmly welcomed us to their property and assisted us with getting our market started, we can’t thank you enough for everything you did!

So remember to look us up at the Grove in Berks County before June 20, or at our new location, 5035 Bernville Road, on June 20, where you’ll always share in the joy of the farm.

Ps. If you happen to be driving by the new location and see me or anyone else working there, stop in and say hi. It’s just as much fun describing all the plans we have for the market as it is actually doing the work.