How farming came to grow on me

How farming came to grow on me

In my previous post, I told you a bit about the genesis of Plum Creek Farm. Now I want to share how I began my journey into farming.

It all began on the outskirts of Lititz on the Nolt family farm, fattening steers and raising tobacco.

(No judgement please, who knew that stuff was bad for you?)

I knew I had a knack for farm management when, at the tender age of 13, after the steers got out due to a misplaced firecracker, I quickly accessed the situation, chose a clear plan for action, and executed it. Now, the fact that my plan involved pointing a finger at my closest brother as Pops was bearing down on us is not something we need to dwell on here. The point is, I can swiftly cobble together a plan of action under less-than-ideal circumstances. It’s a handy little gadget to have in a farmer’s toolbox.

Putting in some years in construction made me well-rounded, with a skill set and just the right amount of cockiness to look at a new project and say, “Yeah, I got this.” I started my own business, and failing miserably at it blessed me with the humility to admit when “Oops, I ain’t got this.”

Luckily, I have my beautiful wife, Audrey (Keith’s sister), to support me, and our three children (Megan, Jacob, and Liam) are always happy to help their daddy at the farm. We hope soon to move closer to the farm so I have a shorter commute and so that when Jacob asks if the tractors are OK (he’s still concerned that one broke down last week) I can take him over to reassure him.

There are many more stories and the rest of our farm family to introduce you to, and there will be future posts to explore more (provided nobody starts a petition to prevent said future posts). Till then, please stop by the market, try some of our strawberries, our addictive kettle corn or simply to say hi.

See you at Plum Creek Farm Market, where you’ll experience the joy of the farm.