How Plum Creek Farm came to be

How Plum Creek Farm came to be

Greetings to all who find their way to this post.

With our little market set to open for the summer and with a website that needs some additional content I thought, what better way to give you, our dear and valued customer, a peak behind the goings-on at Plum Creek Farm.

Now would be a great time to warn you that this — and any future posts — will undoubtedly also give you a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind. My hope is that you won’t hold this against the farm, the market or, most importantly, our fine staff.

With that serving as a sufficient disclaimer, I should tell you a bit about how Plum Creek Farm came to be…

In the early 1990s, Nevin and Mary Ann Rutt started raising fresh fruits and vegetables, which they sold from a wagon at Bernville Fire Company’s parking lot along Route 183. The support from the community was outstanding and the market grew over the next several years to include a couple more wagons. It was a familiar sight to see this convoy headed out to the parking lot.

Demand for the fresh-picked produce was such that it wasn’t unusual to have customers waiting to get fresh sweet corn for the weekend, even before the wagons got there.

Tragically, a farming accident claimed the life of Nevin in the winter of 2010 and, while the market did continue for a couple years, it was eventually closed after the 2012 season.

However, those memories of growing up on the farm and serving the community stayed with Kendra, the daughter of Nevin and Mary. Kendra married Keith Zimmerman, and when the opportunity arose to purchase a farm on Plum Creek Road, it didn’t take long to decide this is what they wanted to do.

With four energetic children (Kassidy, Karson, Kaleb and Kiah — I know, they love K’s) and Mary Ann eager to pitch in, the Zimmermans bought the farm in 2014.  (The Zimmermans are pictured above) The farm shares a driveway with the neighboring house, which was purchased by Mary Ann.

The houses needed some remodeling, and a new barn needed to be built, but soon the picturesque setting on the banks of Plum Creek was shining through.

farmer ken on berks county farm plum creek

Ken Nolt, farm manager

They had the farm to grow the vegetables, and past experience. However, they needed someone to manage the farm. Keith has a full-time job, so they began searching for a farmer. Through a few rounds of interviewing, eliminating and subsequent lowering of the bar, they eventually called Keith’s brother-in-law, Ken Nolt, who not only jumped at the chance to farm but also offered to write this story of how Plum Creek Farm began.

Yours truly. Some of you now know me as Farmer Ken (that’s me, pictured in the field).

I will be posting a new story from time to time on this website. I assume most times it will be a confusing assortment of thoughts that don’t necessarily have a clear direction, but if you pick up on that then you can begin to sympathize with those close to me and take a deep sigh of relief that you can simply stop reading.